Why Indiana?

At Indiana Drives & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., we are not just a service provider; we are your partner in progress. Join us in our journey towards sustainable growth and excellence.


Industry Expertise

With years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.



We believe in the power of collaboration. Our cohesive team works in harmony to deliver the best results.



We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, ensuring flexibility in our approach.



Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us wide acceptability among clients who seek top-notch industrial solutions.



Our continuous learning and adaptation to technology empowers us to be Competitive in the market. The knowledge we have from our qualified team enables us to complete the project successfully and on time.



Our commitment to quality is one of the bases for our competitive advantage and customers build their trust on us. Our customers’ satisfaction is one of our prime importance.

Our Services

At Indiana Drives & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., we are offer following services.

AMC Services

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of your equipment and systems.

Facility management services

Connecting with 3rd party apps to exchange data.

Manpower Services

Access to skilled and experienced personnel to meet your workforce needs.

On-Site Repairs Services

Quick and efficient on-site repair solutions to minimize downtime and disruptions

Our Products

At Indiana Drives & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., we are offer following products.


Low Side & High Side.


Generator, Pump, WTP, STP, Compressor, Chiller, UPS, BMS Etc.


Danfoss, ABB, Schneider, Yaskawa, Delta, Seimens, Innovance, INVT Etc.


PLC, HMI, Control Panel, RMU, Switchgear Panel, HV/LV Panel, PLC SCADA Projects.



We offered services in the following locations.

In various regions and areas, we extended our services to meet the needs of our clientele. The locations where our services were made available are listed as follows.


Over 12 locations spread
across the entire planet.

We strategically selected locations to optimize our accessibility for you! Our aim is to offer services in every major country.

We strive to work with the best.
The best companies in the world.

Indiana Group worked with some of the greatest companies in the world.

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